About us

Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano is one of the most important independent savings banks in Italy. As the leading bank in South Tyrol, it is present throughout the North East, as well as in Munich, Germany.

Our Mission

Aware of the value of our business, we promote a style of growth that is attentive to capital and financial solidity, to the sustainability of results over time, and to the creation of a virtuous circle based on trust that stems from customer and shareholder satisfaction and proximity to the needs of the community and territories.

Our Progress

The Group has shown a marked improvement in the last five years in the key efficiency, profitability and capitalisation metrics.

Staff development

Particular attention is paid to enhancing personnel, looking to their skills and to identifying talent to be developed to fill key roles including management.


Innovation is the principle that led to the new space-sharing concept that characterises several retail branches. The bank and the South Tyrolean energy provider Alperia operate in a shared environment with two service lines, financial and energy, where customers can interact with advisors from both companies.